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Norton Secure VPN

Secure your connection everywhere you go. Norton Secure VPN guards your personal information like your bank details, passwords, and credit card credentials when using public internet on any device.

Guard Your Personal Information

  • Detect Compromised and Insecure Networks Instantly. When connected to untrusted Wi-Fi networks, your connection is automatically secured.
  • Access from Anywhere. Obtain a secure connection to any desired apps or websites, wherever you are.
  • Browse Anonymously. Protect your identity on the web. Conceal your every activity through an encrypted tunnel that protects you against hackers and ISPs. Block mobile carriers from accessing your information while on Wi-Fi.
  • Kill Switch. Safeguard your privacy by disconnecting automatically whenever your VPN connection is lost with our newest feature. Android and Windows only.
  • Take Advantage of Split Tunneling. Another new feature, with split tunneling you can maintain high security and anonymity of your personal data without losing access to local services. Android and Windows only.
  • No-Trace Policy. Your online activities are never tracked or stored by us.

Norton Secure VPN Features

  • Split Tunnelling. You are free to select whichever traffic you want to encrypt. For example, you can use encryption while accessing sensitive healthcare information or during any bank-related activities. Protect all your sensitive online activities while allowing other apps and services to connect to the internet directly. Android and Windows only.
  • Privacy—Even from us. None of your online activities are tracked or saved by us. Other VPNs can’t say the same.
  • Ensure high connection security. Even if the VPN connection is lost, your data won’t be. Devices automatically disconnect, aiding you in protecting your identity, location, and IP address at all times. Android and Windows only.
  • Keep Hackers at a safe distance. On encountering compromised and insecure Wi-Fi, alerts are sent to you to secure your connection.

Why use Norton Secure VPN?

Unlike some of the other VPN companies, we do not track your browsing activity, nor do we save it. Its privacy in its truest sense. Your protection is priority. 

Norton Secure VPN offers you:

Online Freedom

  • Grants online privacy by guarding your location and personal data from scammers, hackers, and scam websites. 
  • Shields you from advertisers who track and follow you all over the internet with the same sticky ads. Helps you get off the radar of targeted advertisements.

Content Access 

  • Access all of your favorite sites and apps on the move by enabling universal access. 

Wi-Fi Protection

  • Secures all your bank transactions, social media interactions, and bill payments whenever you use public Wi-Fi.
  • No cybercriminals or hackers can interrupt the information you send and receive over the shared networks.

Privacy & Security

  • Complete protection against data theft is ensured with a high level of complex encryption.

Norton Secure VPN Global Servers 

Norton’s global high-speed servers allow you to pick your virtual location or auto-select the best region for you. These servers are able to balance the increasing number of users by dynamically scaling in order to facilitate the best performance. 

How do VPN and security software work together?

A VPN and security software are two different products that are both available on NorthonLifeLock.


Over the internet, a VPN protects all your online activities and personal data you send and receive. It shields you from data theft especially while using public or shared Wi-Fi hotspots.

Security Software

Security software keeps malware and viruses out of your computers, tablets, and smartphones. Both VPN and Security features are included in Norton 360 Plans, along with extra features that guard your devices and protect your online privacy.

Norton Family

Protect Your Kids Online with Norton Family Parental Control

With Norton’s tools, you can teach your children to maintain a healthy life balance with their devices — instilling smart online habits to keep them safe and healthy long-term. Norton Family also simplifies home school and online courses, keeping your children engaged and focused during class time by minimizing access to distracting websites.

Norton Family benefits

  • Web Safety. With Norton Family, you have access to what your kids are viewing so you can block inappropriate sites. This means that the web is safe for your kids to explore — giving them freedom and giving you some peace of mind.
  • Managed Screen Time. Help your children manage their screen time by setting time limits online. Enhance your family time with screen-free interaction when screen time limits are met.
  • Detailed Reports. Keep track of your child’s online browsing with detailed reports sent to your inbox. Review watched YouTube video and content flagged as unsafe. Gain insight into what search terms your kids are using to monitor for concerning behavior or content.

Norton Family Web Portal

The web portal makes it easy to monitor and manage your kid’s device settings and time online. With our easy-to-use portal, you can set up the right protections for your kid and customize what reports and features you want to be activated. 

  • Web supervision. Stay in the know with Norton Family’s web supervision tool, allowing you to view browsing history. With inappropriate website protection, your kids can explore the web with increased safety.
  • Time supervision. Keep track of how much time your children spend on their phones, tablets, and laptops. Encourage positive technology use by determining time limits for each device as well as when the devices can be used.
  • Search supervision. Safeguard your kids from inappropriate or harmful content by viewing the words, terms, and phrases they search. By gauging their interests you may be better equipped to identify potentially concerning search behavior.
  • Parent mobile app. Stay informed wherever you go when you use the mobile app. Adjust settings on the go with your Android or iOS mobile device.
  • Access request. Web safety involves understanding on both ends. If your child disagrees with a site that has been blocked, they can send you a note so you can review the site and discuss their permissions.
  • Video supervision. Monitor your childrens’ video preferences with a log of their viewed YouTube videos.
  • Mobile app supervision. Not every app is child-safe. View their downloaded apps and decide which apps they have permission to use.
  • Monthly/weekly reports. Receive detailed reports of your children’s online activity in your inbox and customize the frequency of the reports.
  • Parent portal. Manage settings and protection for all your devices in one easy-to-use online portal.
  • Instant lock. Help your children take a break from their screen by locking their device — allowing them to re-focus when needed.
  • Email alerts. Receive alerts when your children attempt to access a restricted website so you know when to discuss appropriate online behavior with them.
  • Location supervision. Keep track of your kids after they leave the house with location supervision and a 30-day log of location history.
  • School time. Pausing your child’s internet during the school day isn’t an option. School Time keeps your kids engaged during the school day by managing their remote learning environment.
  • Favorite locations. Determine approved locations for your child and receive alerts for when they arrive in or move beyond their approved boundaries.
  • Alert me. Set up recurring alerts so you are automatically notified of the location of your kids’ devices. You can determine a specific date and time so you don’t have to remember to check their location.

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