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Industry leading device protection to secure your mobile devices, PC, & Mac from viruses and software threats.

  • Norton 360 Deluxe
  • Norton 360 Standard
  • Norton 360 Antivirus Plus
  • Norton 360 for Gamers

Norton 360 Deluxe

Norton 360 Deluxe offers a multi-layered protection system that safeguards your online privacy while shielding your devices against current and emerging malware threats.

Norton 360 Deluxe offers protection for PCs, Macs, smartphones or tablets and up to 5 devices.

Norton 360 Deluxe Features

360 Deluxe Provides a multi-layered, advanced security set-up that protects your devices against emerging malware in real-time and guards your private and financial information on the web. 

  • Secure VPN Grants you the ability to remain anonymous online and browse securely with a no-log VPN. Additionally, it secures your passwords and bank details with bank-grade encryption.
  • Password Manager Makes your passwords stronger and stores them securely, along with your card details and account credentials.
  • Parental Control Make the online world for your kids safer and more enjoyable by managing the content they consume.
  • School Time NEW Remote education is enabled via the internet. Make sure your child is only focused on school activities when online by managing their remote learning environment.
  • Dark Web Monitoring Alerts are generated if and when your personal information is detected while monitoring the Dark Web.
  • 50GB Cloud Backup Back up all of your important files and documents in automatic and protected cloud storage in the event of hard drive failures, stolen devices, or ransomware.
  • Privacy Monitor Learn how to remove your personal information that’s listed on people-search websites.

Trust the Experts — and the Guarantee

We strongly believe in Norton experts and their antivirus and malware protection programs. It’s 100% guaranteed that experts will beat any virus, and if they don’t, you get your money back!

Protect your family’s privacy online and acquire multiple layers of protection for your devices 

Norton 360 Deluxe gives you comprehensive malware protection and a secure VPN for up to 5 devices (PCs, Macs, Android, or iOS devices), including 50GB of secure cloud backup4.

Additionally, features such as parental control (managing kids’ activities online) and Dark Web Monitoring (monitoring and notifying you if we find your personal information on the Dark Web) are also incorporated into your plan.

Norton 360 Standard

Benefit from multiple layers of digital protection for your devices and online privacy

How Norton 360 Protects You – Benefits and Features

Multi-layered protection offers a host of services to ensure that your personal information — such as bank information, passwords, browsing history, and more — is secure from cybercriminals. Enjoy the peace of mind Norton 360 Standard offers with top-notch protective measures. Discover the benefits below: 

  • Password Manager Secure your credentials and passwords with password manager. Safely store, manage, and view your passwords and credit card information.
  • 10GB Cloud Backup Never lose your important files and documents. With 10GB of cloud backup, you can protect your information even if your computer’s storage is damaged by theft, ransomware, or hard drive failure.
  • Dark Web Monitoring Personal information should stay private. We will notify you if your information is found on the Dark Web so you can begin remediation immediately.
  • SafeCam Don’t let your webcam fall prey to cybercriminals. With Norton 360 Standard, we will alert you if your webcam is hacked into and help you block them to reduce repeated efforts.
  • Secure VPN Protect your searches even on the go with a no-log VPN so you can browse anonymously. Secure your bank information, log-on credentials, and more with bank-grade encryption.
  • Real-time threat protection for your device Defend yourself against existing and emerging threats to your smart devices with multi-layered security. Navigate online safely and securely, knowing Norton 360 is protecting your personal information.

Norton 360 Standard antivirus and malware protection promise

We’re committed to providing flawless antivirus and malware protection for your devices. If Norton experts cannot remove a virus on your device, we will refund you 100%!

Digital security for peace of mind

Receive comprehensive malware protection for one PC, Mac, Android, or iOS device with Norton 360 Standard. We also include 10GB of secure cloud backup4 for PC and Secure VPN for your device.

Additional features include:

  • SafeCam5: Prohibit unauthorized access to your PC’s webcam and receive alerts for breaches.
  • Dark Web Monitoring: We’ll monitor your personal information on the Dark Web and alert you if it is discovered.

With Norton 360 Standard, you’re choosing to invest in your own personal protection and stop cybercriminals in their tracks. We’re committed to providing you with quality protective services and customer support. In an increasingly digital age, there’s every reason to proactively protect your information.

Norton AntiVirus Plus

Multi-layered, comprehensive protection for your device

Norton AntiVirus Plus Features and Benefits

With Norton AntiVirus Plus, you’ll receive multi-layered protection on your PC or Mac device. This powerful protection helps protect your information from cybercriminals and increases your safety online. Enjoy the peace of mind Norton AntiVirus Plus provides.

  • Password Manager. Complex passwords are one piece of the puzzle when it comes to securing your information online. With Password Manager, you can create, store, and manage passwords and personal credentials — such as your credit card information. Eliminate the hassle of remembering your login information with Password Manager and keep your personal information secure.
  • Real-time Threat Protection. for Your DeviceKeep your personal information private with real-time threat protection. The malware and antivirus protection works to keep your information safe around the clock. We work to stop cyberattacks before they happen — enhancing your protection from identity theft and financial loss.
  • 2GB Cloud Backup. Do you host important files, pictures, or documents on your computer? With 2GB of cloud backup, you can safeguard your important digital files in case of computer theft, hard drive failures, and ransomware. With cloud backup, you can proactively protect what is important to you.
  • Smart Firewall. Protect yourself from unauthorized access to your computer’s data with our Smart Firewall. The firewall works to identify and block unauthorized traffic, helping to protect your personal information, files, and financial information.

Compare antivirus plans

Every person has unique needs. That’s why we offer a wide variety of device and identity theft protection services. Whether you need protection for one device or devices for you. We offer powerful antivirus and malware you can trust. If Norton experts cannot remove a virus from your device, we will provide you with a 100% refund. That’s Norton’s promise to you!

Norton AntiVirus Plus provides comprehensive protection for your personal information

Your personal protection demands advanced protection services to keep up with current and emerging cyber threats. With Norton AntiVirus Plus, you can secure one PC or Mac from malware, ransomware, phishing attacks, and compromised personal data.

We offer real-time threat protection and firewall for ultimate peace of mind both online and offline. Never rely on memory alone for complex passwords with Password Manager. Keep your login information secure and your personal and financial data safe with powerful protection. Don’t be a victim of identity theft or cyber-attacks. Get advanced malware protection and browse online safely with Norton AntiVirus Plus. Don’t settle for anything less than advanced security technology.

Norton 360 for Gamers

Gain powerful protection to up your game.

Norton 360 for Gamers Benefits and Features

You can encounter cyber threats even while gaming. Norton GO works to protect you with a host of features.

  • Dark Web Monitoring. We keep an eye on the dark web and will alert you if we come across any of your personal information, such as your user names, email, or gamer tags.
  • Secure VPN. Prevent SWATing and protect against DDoS and doxxing attacks with a secure no-log VPN. Keep your browsing information private and anonymous.
  • Game Optimization. Norton GO gives your game greater power, allowing you to play at a faster pace! By maximizing your speed you can maximize your game performance and benefit from smoother gameplay.
  • Real-time Threat Protection. Multi-layered, comprehensive protection helps safeguard your devices against current and upcoming malware threats. This means you’re protected from phishing attacks on email and messaging platforms, as well as security flaws in various games or websites.
  • Cloud Backup. Gain 50 GB of automatic cloud backup for your devices. By storing game clips on the cloud you can free up needed space on your drives.
  • PC SafeCam. Receive notifications if your webcam is being hacked into — we’ll help you block them so you can avoid embarrassment and prevent stream bans.
  • Notification Optimization. By only sending notifications when necessary, you will know when you need to check your alerts. We’ll only notify you on your PC if we identify an attack, a threat to your security, or if you’re not utilizing a function you’re authorized to.
  • Smart Firewall for PC. The Smart Firewall works to protect your personal information, files, and financial information by identifying and blocking unauthorized traffic.
  • Full-screen Detection Mode. Minimize and silence notifications while in full-screen mode for uninterrupted gaming. We’ll only send you urgent security notifications.
  • Password Manager. Complex passwords are essential to securing your game accounts. With Password Manager, you can create and store passwords and other vital personal credentials — such as your credit card information.

Boost your gaming performance

Take your PC’s gaming performance to the max with Norton Gamer Optimizer. Get the speed and power boost you need with Norton GO!

Benefits include:

  • Automatic game detection for maximum power
  • Smooth visuals thanks to decreased FPS lags and slowdowns from other apps
  • Restoring your system’s resources by reducing power-hungry programs in the background
  • Optimized gaming-related programs for enhanced performance.

Norton 360 Designed for Gamers

Norton GO is designed for PC gamers by PC gamers — meaning it’s designed with your needs in mind. Gamers have specific needs from device and theft protection services, such as protecting your personal information and boosting your PC’s gaming performance. 

The team at Norton has designed protection that’s tailored to their own needs as gamers. From one gamer to another, Norton GO is designed for you. 

The Norton Difference 

With over 25 years of experience in consumer cybersecurity and over 7 million threats blocked a day, we have the proven success that makes Norton worth your investment. We are so committed to protecting your devices from antivirus and malware that Norton 360 comes with Virus Protection Promise. If Norton experts cannot remove your virus, we’ll refund you the price of your subscription!

The whole package protection

We believe in providing you with quality protection — more than just antivirus. With Norton 360 for Gamers, you’ll receive:

  • Protection from malware and webcam takeovers
  • Secure VPN to protect you from DDoS attacks, doxxing, and SWATing
  • 24/7 Member Services and Support
  • 60-day Money Back Guarantee
  • Virus Protection Promise

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