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Best Antivirus Services of 2024

Discover the top antivirus software providers that help protect your devices from ransomware, viruses, phishing scams, and more.

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  • Number of Devices 1-unlimited (depending on plan)
  • OS Compatibility Windows, MacOS, Android, iOS
  • Free Trial 7 or 30 days (depending on plan)
  • Free Version No, but some individual security tools are available for free
  • 24/7 Customer Support Yes
  • Cloud Backup 2-500GB (depending on plan)
  • Bundled Product Options Yes
  • AV-Test Certified Yes—Android, MacOS, and Windows (Top Product)


Founded in 1990, Norton was the first company to commercially sell antivirus software. It has maintained its position as one of the top-performing antivirus providers for the past three decades and backs its products with the 100% Virus Protection Promise.

You might think that such first-rate software would come with a high price tag, but the opposite is true. Norton actually offers the cheapest paid plans, starting at just $1.25 per month. Of course, the top-tier bundled plans can be costly, but they include Norton's LikeLock identity theft protection product and more device coverage.

Norton provides several plan options so you can find one that fits your budget, antivirus needs, and the number of household devices. For example, you can get the simple AntiVirus Plus for 1-5 devices, which just includes the antivirus software, a password manager, and cloud backup. Norton offers a similar—and cheaper—product specifically designed for mobile devices.

If you're looking for something a bit more comprehensive, the Norton 360 plan options are the go-to choice. They add a VPN and dark web monitoring for 3-5 devices. Perhaps the only thing missing is a family plan, but the Norton 360 deluxe includes paternal controls.

What We Like

  • Multiple plan options for different budgets and device coverage
  • Both simple antivirus plans and bundled packages available
  • Cheapest antivirus packages around
  • All plans come with cloud backup and a password manager
  • Option to include basic identity theft features with mid-tier plans
  • 100% Virus Protection Promise
  • Respected brand

What We Don't Like

  • Must pay for most expensive plan to get unlimited device coverage
  • No family plan options (only with identity theft packages)


Norton provides two basic device security plans: the standard AntiVirus Plus for any computer and the Mobile Security for one smartphone. Check out the first-year prices:

Norton AntiVirus Plus:

  • 1 Device $1.67/month (paid annually at $19.99)
  • 5 Devices $3.33/month (paid annually at $39.99)

Norton Mobile Security (Android or iOS):

  • 1 Device $1.25/month (paid annually at $14.99)

Norton also offers numerous bundled packages—and most include its antivirus software. Here are the first-year prices for some of the more popular mid-tier options that include a VPN, dark web monitoring, and more:

  • Norton 360 Standard $3.33/month (paid annually at $39.99)
  • Norton 360 Deluxe $4.16/month (paid annually at $49.99)

Additional bundled options combine the antivirus software, VPN, and dark web monitoring with Norton's LifeLock identity theft protection. These first-year prices are as follows:

  • Norton 360 with LifeLock Select $8.33/month (paid annually); $9.99/month (paid monthly)
  • Norton 360 with LifeLock Advantage $15.99/month (paid annually); $19.99/month (paid monthly)
  • Norton 360 with LifeLock Ultimate Plus $24.99/month (paid annually); $29.99/month (paid monthly)

Bottom Line

Norton is our overall pick because of its impressive performance scores, brand reputation, and incredibly cost-effective plans. Whether you need to protect one or unlimited devices, Norton has a package that can meet your needs—and if it doesn't, you get your money back under the 100% Virus Protection Promise.

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  • Number of Devices 1-10
  • OS Compatibility Windows, MacOS, Android, iOS
  • Free Trial 30-60 days
  • Free Version Yes
  • 24/7 Customer Support Yes
  • Cloud Backup No
  • Bundled Product Options Yes
  • AV-Test Certified Yes—Android, MacOS, and Windows (Top Product)


AVG is a respected antivirus software provider that has been in operation since 1991. Part of what has made it so popular—aside from good performance scores, of course—is its free antivirus.

The free plan is good for what it is, albeit extremely limited. It only offers two features: protection against ransomware and virus/malware blocking. This might be enough for some people, but you'll need to commit to a paid plan if you want a complete antivirus that protects you from unsafe websites, phishing scams, and tracking ads.

Both of the main plans are fairly affordable, though. You can also use the free antivirus and add standalone products as needed. Just keep in mind that some only work on certain operating systems.

While we like the option for a la carte products, they are extremely overpriced. For example, the AntiTrack is valued at $55, the TuneUp at $80, and the VPN at $100 per year. You can get all those features—plus the antivirus software—for much less with the AVG Ultimate bundled plan. However, features like the Secure Identity option are only available as a standalone product, making a comprehensive security plan quite expensive.

What We Like

  • Free antivirus option
  • Free safe browser
  • Affordable bundled plan with extra AVG features

What We Don't Like

  • Only one bundled option
  • Several pricey add-on packages
  • Some products not available on all operating systems
  • Can only choose between 1- or 10-device coverage, nothing in between


AVG's two main antivirus products are AVG Internet Security and AVG Ultimate. Their first-year prices are as follows:

AVG Internet Security:

  • 1 Device $3.89/month (paid annually)
  • 5 Devices $4.99/month (paid annually)

AVG Ultimate

  • 10 Devices $6.67/month (paid annually)

If you choose to upgrade from the free download, AVG offers lower prices for its Internet Security plan. You can get a three-year subscription for as low as $2.29 per month or a one-year subscription for $2.49 per month (paid annually).

AVG also offers individual products, like a VPN and identity theft protection service. It also has other device security products:

  • AVG AntiTrack $54.99/year
  • AVG BreachGuard $43.99/year
  • AVG Driver Updater $43.99/year
  • AVG TuneUp $2.89/month (paid annually)

Bottom Line

We like AVG's free antivirus software and affordable plans. However, with the limited device coverage options and costly add-on products, it can be easy to spend more than necessary.

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  • Number of Devices 1-30 (depending on plan)
  • OS Compatibility Windows, MacOS, Android, iOS
  • Free Trial 30-60 days (depending on plan)
  • Free Version Yes
  • 24/7 Customer Support Yes (with paid plans)
  • Cloud Backup No
  • Bundled Product Options Yes
  • AV-Test Certified Yes—Android, MacOS, and Windows (Top Product)


Avast has been around even longer than Norton, boasting over 35 years of experience.

It operates on the belief that everyone should be able to live safely and freely online, which is why it offers free antivirus software for Windows, Macs, Androids, and iPhones. Of course, this free plan provides only Avast's award-winning essentials: advanced malware protection, app monitoring, and real-time threat blocking.

If you're looking for protection from dangerous websites and webcam spies, you must upgrade to the paid Premium Security plan. While this option covers multiple operating systems, you can only get a plan for one or 10 devices. There's no in-between option, forcing you to pay extra to protect anything more than one computer or one phone.

There are a few more options with the new Avast One plan, though. This package includes all the features in the Premium Security package, plus a VPN, automatic driver updates, an anti-tracker, and device cleanup. You can choose between the individual plan that covers five devices or the family plan that protects up to 30 devices.

There's even a Platinum option that adds identity theft protection features for a family of six with up to 30 devices.

What We Like

  • Free version
  • Free secure browser
  • Individual and family package options
  • New Avast One plan includes identity theft protection and 30 devices

What We Don't Like

  • Prices vary based on where you purchase
  • Different antivirus features for each operating system
  • Limited device coverage options
  • Free trial only for certain plans
  • Avast One not available worldwide


Aside from the free option, Avast offers two core antivirus products: Avast One and Avast Premium. Each one comes with different payment plans. Here are the first-year prices:

Avast One

  • Individual $2.89/month (paid annually)
  • Family $4.05/month (paid annually)
  • Platinum $9.99/month (paid annually)

Avast Premium

  • 1 Device $2.89/month (paid annually)
  • 10 Devices $3.69/month (paid annually)

It's worth noting that the prices depend on where you purchase your antivirus plan. The prices listed above are publicly available on the website, but they may change if you first download the free version and then choose to upgrade. For example, the Avast One upgrade plans for Windows include:

  • Silver $1.99/month
  • Gold $4.99/month
  • Platinum $6.99/month

These options are much lower than the standard plans, so it might be worth starting with the free version.

Avast also offers individual security products:

  • Avast BreachGuard $43.99/year
  • SecureLine VPN $4.59/month (1 year); $4.39/month (2 years); $4.39/month (3 years)
  • AntiTrack $54.99/year (1 device); $64.99/year (10 devices)
  • Secure Identity $9.99/month (1 month); $7.49/month (1 year); $6.99/month (2 years)

Bottom Line

Everyone's talking about Avast's free antivirus software, but we think Avast One is the real winner here with the impressive 30-device coverage for families.

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  • Number of Devices 10-50 (depending on plan)
  • OS Compatibility Windows, MacOS, Android
  • Free Trial 14 days
  • Free Version No
  • 24/7 Customer Support Yes
  • Cloud Backup 1-5GB (depending on plan)
  • Bundled Product Options Yes
  • AV-Test Certified No


Aura is a bit of a newcomer to the security software industry, but it has already made a name for itself thanks to its comprehensive plans. Each one includes antivirus software, VPN, identity theft insurance, cloud storage, and fraud protection.

There are only three packages, which can be a bit limiting—especially if you're looking for a simple one-device antivirus package. The simplest plan covers one individual and 10 devices, while the couple option covers two adults and 10 devices per person. The top plan protects an impressive 50 devices and includes safe gaming and cyberbullying alerts.

Because the plans are packed full of diverse security features, the prices are a bit higher than for simple antivirus software. However, it seems to be worth the price increase. You get real-time malware protection, threat alerts, and safe browsing options. Each plan also comes with an ad blocker, an email alias generator, and a privacy assistant.

Just keep in mind that Aura is not AV-Test certified, likely because it doesn't offer a singular antivirus product. Nor is it available on iPhones. However, you can install Aura's safe browsing extension on Edge, Firefox, and Chrome regardless of the operating system.

What We Like

  • Bundled options
  • Family protection available
  • Cloud backup
  • Top plan protects up to 50 devices
  • VPN and email aliases available in all products

What We Don't Like

  • No simple antivirus plan—must pay for extra features
  • Plans start out a bit expensive
  • Not available on iOS
  • Not AV-Test certified


Aura offers three bundled plans with pricing based on the number of people and devices covered:

  • Individual $12.00/month (paid annually); $15.00/month (paid monthly)
  • Couple $19.00/month (paid annually); $29.00/month (paid monthly)
  • Family $20.00/month (paid annually); $45.00/month (paid monthly)

Bottom Line

Aura is a one-stop shop for simple, comprehensive online security plans that include antivirus, VPN, and identity theft protection. However, this might not be the right provider if you're looking for just antivirus software.

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  • Number of Devices 1-10 (depending on plan)
  • OS Compatibility Windows, MacOS, Android, iOS
  • Free Trial 30 days
  • Free Version Yes
  • 24/7 Customer Support Yes
  • Cloud Backup No
  • Bundled Product Options Yes
  • AV-Test Certified Yes—Android, MacOS, and Windows (Top Product)


Founded in 2001, BitDefender is another long-time industry leader. This Romanian company offers several top-rated security products for homes and businesses alike.

It operates on three pillars: privacy, performance, and protection. For privacy, the antivirus software comes with features like an anti-tracker, firewall, and proprietary VPN. The autopilot feature helps maintain high performance, while the malware scanner, vulnerability assessment, and anti-fraud features protect you from new and existing threats.

However, not all these features are available in every antivirus product. The antivirus software for Macs and smartphones is particularly slim. Even the Antivirus Plus plan for Windows doesn't have some essential features like a firewall or a device optimizer.

To get complete protection—and coverage for different operating systems—you need to invest in Total Security. This package is only available for five or 10 devices, meaning you might be paying a bit more than expected if you have just two or three devices.

That said, the prices are fairly competitive. They're not the lowest on this list, but they won't break the bank. The subscription renewal prices are also reasonable, so you won't be caught off guard when the plan auto-renews.

What We Like

  • Proprietary products like Bitdefender Photon
  • Bundled options with identity theft protection
  • Competitive pricing

What We Don't Like

  • Additional plans and features only for Windows
  • Limited plans for multiple operating systems
  • Must pay for five devices just to get multiple operating system coverage
  • Antivirus Plus plan does not have all the antivirus features


BitDefender's go-to antivirus plan is the Total Security option.

Total Security

  • 1-Year Subscription $69.99 (5 devices); $72.99 (10 devices)
  • 2-Year Subscription $154.99 (5 devices); $179.99 (10 devices)
  • 3-Year Subscription $209.99 (5 devices); $239.99 (10 devices)

Note that the two- and three-year subscriptions have a higher per-year price compared to the one-year plan. However, after the first year ends, the subscription price jumps, making the multi-year plans cheaper in the long run.

For example, if you pay for three separate one-year subscriptions for five devices, you'll pay $69.99, then $99.99 twice. That's a total of $269.97, $60 more than the 3-year subscription. The best plan for you ultimately depends on your current budget and how long you want to commit to one antivirus service.

BitDefender also offers device-specific antivirus plans with fewer features than the Total Security options but the same yearly subscription setup. Here's a look at their prices (note that subscriptions will renew at a higher cost):

Antivirus Plus for Windows:

  • 1-Year Plan $29.99 (1 device); $39.99 (3 devices); $69.99 (5 devices); $79.99 (10 devices)
  • 2-Year Plan $69.99 (1 device); $89.99 (3 devices); $109.99 (5 devices); $129.99 (10 devices)
  • 3-Year Plan $89.99 (1 device); $119.99 (3 devices); $149.99 (5 devices); $179.99 (10 devices)

Internet Security for Windows:

  • 1-Year Plan $39.99 (1 device); $59.99 (3 devices); $89.99 (5 devices); $94.99 (10 devices)
  • 2-Year Plan $89.99 (1 device); $119.99 (3 devices); $129.99 (5 devices); $149.99 (10 devices)
  • 3-Year Plan $129.99 (1 device); $149.99 (3 devices); $169.99 (5 devices); $199.99 (10 devices)

Antivirus for Mac:

  • 1-Year Plan $29.99 (1 device); $39.99 (3 devices)
  • 2-Year Plan $69.99 (1 device); $89.99 (3 devices)
  • 3-Year Plan $89.99 (1 device); $119.99 (3 devices)

Mobile Security for Android

  • 1-Year Plan for 1 Device $14.99/year

Mobile Security for iOS

  • 1-Year Plan for 1 Device $14.99/year

Finally, BitDefender offers bundled packages with antivirus software and identity theft protection. Here are the first-year prices:

  • Ultimate Security $89.99/year; $9.99/month
  • Ultimate Security Plus $119.99/year; $12.99/month
  • Premium Security $79.99 for a one-year subscription; $15.99 for a one-month subscription

Bottom Line

BitDefender is an all-around decent antivirus software provider with consistently impressive performance scores and affordable prices. However, many standard plans are designed for only one operating system, making it a better option for people who only use one OS—whether it's Windows, Mac, or Android.

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  • Number of Devices 1-unlimited (depending on plan)
  • OS Compatibility Windows, MacOS, ChromeOS, Android, iOS
  • Free Trial 30 days
  • Free Version Yes
  • 24/7 Customer Support Yes
  • Cloud Backup No
  • Bundled Product Options Yes
  • AV-Test Certified Yes—Android, and Windows (Top Product)


This wouldn't be an antivirus review without mentioning McAfee. While it wasn't the very first antivirus service provider, McAfee was one of the companies that popped up as competition after Norton made its antivirus software debut. Since then, it has expanded its product offerings to remain a strong contender.

Like Norton, McAfee offers bundled plans with identity theft protection, a 100% virus protection pledge, and a VPN. Perhaps one of the biggest draws is that McAfee's antivirus software covers unlimited devices—including Chromebooks—in the Premium, Advanced, and Ultimate Plans. Just be aware that McAfee is not AV-Test certified for macOS, so the unlimited coverage might not be worth it if you're a Mac user.

Another perk is that even the Basic plan includes the VPN—but that might be why it's $10 more than Norton's equivalent standard plan. There's no way to get just the McAfee antivirus software, so be prepared to pay a bit extra.

The same thing goes for McAfee plans in general. Since there are only a few to choose from, you might end up paying more for potentially unnecessary features just to get coverage for more than one device.

What We Like

  • Options with unlimited device coverage
  • Works on ChromeOS
  • Several free tools, bundled options, and standalone products

What We Don't Like

  • Limited cost-effective options
  • Not AV-Test Certified on MacOS
  • Bit expensive 1-device plan
  • Few plan options might mean paying more for unneeded features


Even though McAfee offers a free antivirus download, it's only the free trial—not a free product. The simplest antivirus plan option is the Basic package for one device. The first-year cost is as follows:

  • Basic $29.99/year

For more comprehensive online security features, identity theft protection, and more device coverage, McAfee offers bundled individual and family plans. Here are the first-year prices:


  • Essential $39.99/year
  • McAfee+ Premium $44.99/year
  • McAfee+ Advanced $69.99/year
  • McAfee+ Ultimate $159.99/year


  • McAfee+ Premium $59.99/year
  • McAfee+ Advanced $94.99/year
  • McAfee+ Ultimate $199.99/year

Bottom Line

We like McAfee's bundled options and diverse packages, but the lack of cost-effective plans and no AV-Test certificate for macOS raise a few concerns. Still, it's one of the few companies that offer antivirus for ChromeOS, so that's a huge draw for Chromebook users.

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  • Number of Devices 6
  • OS Compatibility Windows, MacOS, Linus, Android, iOS, and some NordVPN extensions
  • Free Trial 7 days (only on Android)
  • Free Version No
  • 24/7 Customer Support Yes
  • Cloud Backup Only with top-tier plans
  • Bundled Product Options Yes
  • AV-Test Certified No


Over the past decade, NordVPN has become one of the most prominent VPN providers in the world. It gradually started adding security features to enhance its products, and the most recent one was Threat Protection, released in 2022.

NordVPN advertises Threat Protection as an 'anti-malware tool,' saying that it's not yet a complete antivirus product. However, it offers several features to provide web and file protection, like malicious URL blocking and file scans.

The only way to get this anti-malware tool is by purchasing a VPN package. Thankfully, each one includes this software, even the affordable Standard plan. If you need additional features, like a password manager or identity theft protection, you can upgrade to the Plus or Ultimate plans.

All plans protect up to six devices. However, the anti-malware software is not the same on all operating systems. On Windows and macOS, the tool blocks everything from phishing links to trackers while also scanning file downloads.

Android, iOS, and Linux devices work with the Threat Protection Lite version, which only blocks harmful domains and some ads—no virus scan, link blocking, or tracker blocking. Plus, the Lite version only works when connected to a NordVPN server.

What We Like

  • Compatible with various devices
  • Backed by renowned company NordVPN
  • Solid customer service

What We Don't Like

  • No way to get antivirus without a VPN
  • Complete Threat Protection features not available on all operating systems
  • Threat Protection Lite only works when connected to a NordVPN server
  • Plans focus on VPN rather than antivirus software
  • No AV-Test performance reports yet
  • Extremely new product


Although NordVPN promotes Threat Protection as a separate entity, the company does not sell individual security products. The advertised Threat Protection price ($3.75 per month) isn't actually available. Instead, you can get one of NordVPN's standard plans that includes an antivirus, starting at $2.99 per month.

Here's a quick look at the first-year prices:


  • 2-Year Plan $2.99/month (paid annually)
  • 1-Year Plan $4.49/month (paid annually)
  • Monthly $12.99/month


  • 2-Year Plan $3.99/month (paid annually)
  • 1-Year Plan $5.49/month (paid annually)
  • Monthly $13.99/month


  • 2-Year Plan $5.99/month (paid annually)
  • 1-Year Plan $7.49/month (paid annually)
  • Monthly $15.99/month

Note that NordVPN used to offer a Complete package as well, starting at $4.99 per month. However, that package is no longer available on its website. You can, however, get it on the NordVPN app for $169.99 per year. The price for the Standard plan also changes on the mobile app, increasing to $99.99 for one year ($8.33 per month).

Bottom Line

NordVPN is just entering the antivirus world. Its anti-malware tool, Threat Protection, seems like a solid start, but it's more like a VPN add-on than a top-notch antivirus software.

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  • Number of Devices 3-6
  • OS Compatibility Windows, MacOS, Android, iOS
  • Free Trial 8 days—after downloading free product
  • Free Version Yes
  • 24/7 Customer Support Yes
  • Cloud Backup No
  • Bundled Product Options No
  • AV-Test Certified Yes—Android, and Windows


TotalAV is a British software company founded in 2016. It offers just three packages: Antivirus Pro, Internet Security, and Total Security. While the options are limited, all products prioritize antivirus features.

No matter which package you choose, you get real-time antivirus protection, virus and malware removal, ransomware protection, and zero-day cloud scanning. Other standard features include system tune-up tools, a browser manager, an ad blocker, and phishing scam protection.

The most basic plan, Antivirus Pro, includes just three devices. Upgrading to Internet Security covers five devices and includes a VPN, while the most expensive plan adds a password manager and protects six devices.

Although we appreciate the security focus, we expect high performance from a company that provides almost exclusively antivirus software. However, TotalAV's test scores fall a bit short. It has not received an AV-Test certification for macOS since 2022, and its performance on Windows and Android is not quite up to par with other companies on this list.

Another concern is the misleading pricing. When your subscription renews, the prices skyrocket to nearly four times the initial amount. While a price hike upon renewal is common among many antivirus providers, they usually don't increase fees this much.

What We Like

  • Focus on antivirus software
  • Plenty of antivirus features in each package
  • Affordable first-year prices

What We Don't Like

  • Extreme price jump after first year
  • Limited package options and number of devices covered
  • Little difference between packages
  • No bundled options
  • Lower AV-Test scores


TotalAV offers just three packages, all of which include antivirus software and device security features. The prices differ due to the addition of a VPN, password manager, and extra devices. Check out the first-year prices:

  • Antivirus Pro $29.00/year
  • Internet Security $39.00/year
  • Total Security $49.00/year

These prices seem comparable to other providers, but they are just for the first year. When your subscription renews, expect to pay 3-4 times the prices listed above.

For example, you might expect the Antivirus Pro package to cost $60-$75 the second year, but it jumps to almost $100 for a grand total of $119. The Total Security plan, which is only $20 more than the Antivirus Pro for the first year, costs nearly $180 for all subsequent years.

Bottom Line

At first glance, TotalAV seems like a solid option. However, the sneakily high prices for a product that doesn't perform as well as other options make us think this is not an ideal antivirus option for the long run.

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  • Number of Devices 5
  • OS Compatibility Windows, MacOS, Android
  • Free Trial No (only available for VPN)
  • Free Version No
  • 24/7 Customer Support Yes
  • Cloud Backup No
  • Bundled Product Options Yes
  • AV-Test Certified No


Surfshark is new to the world of cybersecurity. It began in 2018 with its VPN and only launched its antivirus software in 2021. One year later, Surfshark merged with NordVPN. Although the two companies continue to operate autonomously, they have a similar format: Focus on VPNs and offer antivirus as an add-on.

As such, only two of the three available VPN plans come with the antivirus software: Surfshark One and Surfshark One+. Both also include identity theft protection, with the only difference being that Surfshark One+ removes your data from external databases.

Even with these extra features, all of Surfshark's plans are extremely cost-effective. You can expect to only pay a few dollars each month. However, that low price alludes to the limited antivirus features provided.

With each plan, you only get webcam protection, a file scanner, and cloud protection. Surfshark also advertises that its antivirus is AV-Test certified, but that was only in December 2022—and it scored much lower than other top antivirus software.

It's also worth noting that Surfshark's most attractive features—its unlimited device coverage and OS compatibility—don't apply to the antivirus. You can only use it on five Windows, macOS, or Android devices.

What We Like

  • Super-low prices
  • Part of NordVPN
  • Antivirus software comes with identity theft protection

What We Don't Like

  • No antivirus-only product
  • Unlimited device policy doesn't apply to the antivirus
  • Free trial only for VPN
  • Limited antivirus features
  • Doesn't work with as many OS as the VPN
  • Not AV-Test certified as advertised


Surfshark offers extremely affordable plans, but the cheapest option doesn't include the antivirus software. You need to invest in one of the top-tier plans for antivirus services. These include the following:

Surfshark One:

  • 1 Month $14.99/month
  • 12 Months $4.09/month (paid annually)
  • 24 Months $2.69/month (paid annually)

Surfshark One+:

  • 1 Month $21.99/month
  • 12 Months $6.49/month (paid annually)
  • 24 Months $3.99/month (paid annually)

Keep in mind that the 12 and 24-month subscription prices increase upon renewal. The cost is also higher if you purchase on the mobile app. When you download the app, you start with a Starter plan (that includes only the VPN and ad blocker). You can then upgrade to the Surfshark One plan for $64.99 per year, about $16 more than if you purchase online.

Bottom Line

Surfshark is known for its flexible VPN, not its antivirus. While the plans are cheap, the antivirus software itself leaves much to be desired, making it ideal for people more interested in a VPN with some extra perks than a complete antivirus package.

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  • Number of Devices 1-10
  • OS Compatibility Windows, MacOS, ChromeOS, Android, iOS
  • Free Trial 14-30 days
  • Free Version Yes
  • 24/7 Customer Support Yes (but not with all products)
  • Cloud Backup No
  • Bundled Product Options Yes
  • AV-Test Certified Yes—Android, MacOS, and Windows (Top Product)


Founded in 1988, Trend Micro brings over three decades of experience and is one of the oldest antivirus software providers. This Tokyo-based company started with just antivirus software but has since expanded to include network, endpoint, and hybrid cloud security products.

After so many years in the industry, you might expect a variety of quality antivirus products—and Trend Micro doesn't disappoint. It offers single and multi-device protection, along with support service bundles and standalone products.

The most comprehensive antivirus-only product is the Maximum Security package, which protects against ransomware and email scams while also securing passwords and social media accounts on five devices.

However, if you want to also get the virus and spyware removal service, you have to upgrade to the Premium Service bundle—and even that only covers one incident. For unlimited virus removal, that's yet another upgrade to Ultimate Service, which still only covers five devices.

These same product limitations crop up with other antivirus packages. For example, the Internet Security plan protects up to three devices—but only those with Windows. If you want to add on a Mac or smartphone, you would need to upgrade to the Maximum Security Plan.

What We Like

  • Numerous package options for different needs
  • Technical service plans available
  • Free products like the Antivirus One for Mac computers
  • Bundled options with VPN and identity theft protection

What We Don't Like

  • 24/7 support only advertised in top-tier plans
  • Only one available package covers 10 devices
  • Single-device plans are expensive
  • Virus removal not included in basic antivirus plans
  • Basic multi-device antivirus package is only for Windows


Trend Micro offers numerous antivirus and security packages. For multi-device coverage, check out these options (prices are for the first subscription only):

Internet Security:

  • 1 Year $39.95
  • 2 Years $59.90

Maximum Security:

  • 1 Year $49.95
  • 2 Years $99.90

Premium Security Suite:

  • 1 Year $54.95

You can also get bundled options. These include the Maximum Security product plus additional service options for up to five devices:

  • Premium Service Bundle $82.67
  • Ultimate Service Bundle $79.95

Note that even though the Ultimate Service bundle is cheaper, this is just the first-year price. The renewal price is $179.95, or $50 more than the Premium Service bundle.

Trend Micro also offers individual device security products. Here are the prices for the first subscription (which may increase upon renewal):

Antivirus+ Security for Windows

  • 1 Year $19.95
  • 2 Years $39.90

Antivirus for Mac

  • 1 Year $29.95

Mobile Security Solution

  • 1 Year $29.99
  • 2 Years $49.99
  • In-App Monthly Option $4.99/month

Finally, Trend Micro offers individual products for quick tech fixes. Here are their one-time costs:

  • Virus and Spyware Removal $79.95
  • PC Tune-Up $39.95
  • PC Security Health Check $64.95

Bottom Line

Trend Micro's industry experience and product diversity are certainly impressive, but a close look reveals that the antivirus plans are not as comprehensive as they seem. Only those with Windows can take advantage of cost-effective plans.

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